Web tools

CORESO conceptualises, implements and maintains web platforms for different goals and audiences. We specialise in the development of three types of platforms.

  1. Online management platforms for multi-stakeholder groups: these platforms are based on multiple databases and serve as a common pool of information.
  2. Creation of web dashboards: web dashboards are a novel and innovative way to present and visualise the results of quantitative analyses. Compared to written research reports, they offer much more flexibility where users can customise the output of results to their specific needs and interests.
  3. Development of interactive tools: these tools allow users to interact in real-time over the web.

Interplay with our other services

The web tools we develop can strongly and directly benefit from our other services.

  • Collective intelligence

    Developing web applications requires a clear understanding of the technical and non-technical requirements and preferences of the users. Our collective intelligence services facilitate gathering these pieces of information from multiple types of users and to carry out joint evaluations that yield suitable and pragmatic consensus on what and how to implement. These steps enable us to adapt our developments accordingly, both in a targeted and transparent manner.

  • Quantitative methods

    Our knowledge of quantitative methods allow us to automate statistics within the platforms and to include more quantitative elements where needed. For instance, several of our platforms include static and dynamic geo-referenced data which are jointly displayed on different types of maps. Such tools can help users make faster and more informed decisions.

Featured projects

Our Techniques

  • Interactive web dashboards
  • Platform design
  • Web applications
  • Collective intelligence tools
  • Interactive infographics


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