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Empirical studies for strategic reports to the air transport industry

How to identify IT trends in air travel?

I collaborate with CORESO for a few years now in quantitative analyses, survey methodology and data accuracy related to applied research conducted for SITA IT insights reports. CORESO brings solid expertise in data analysis and predictive models together with a very agile way of working with an international organisation.

Christelle Laverriere, Head of Content Strategy, SITA

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The project

SITA, the leading IT provider to the air transport industry, publishes every year a range of reports that examine emerging trends from both passengers and industry leaders. These reports are based on statistics collected from numerous surveys and provide new insights into how technology is being used by airlines and airports to manage baggage, passengers as well as airport and airline operations. The reports also look into the future of new technologies being adopted by the passengers and used in the industry.

As an expert in the field and a driving force for innovation, SITA requires methodological and scientific validation analysis of the findings from large-scale empirical surveys. Here CORESO, supported by Dr Florian Chávez Juárez, has for more than five years led this analysis and validation of SITA's reports.

Our contribution

We support SITA by performing empirical statistical analyses that contribute to conclusive and reliable results. These deliverables entail close collaboration in the design of quantitative-based questionnaires, direct involvement in the sampling measurements to ensure the representativeness of the surveys, as well as the supervision of data collection across the five continents.

The outcome

Thanks to the empirical analyses provided, SITA can better draw current and future trends, together with needs and challenges linked to a specific stakeholder type; for example, the passenger study analyses the trends throughout the different stages along the passenger journey. These studies allow for better targeting and fit of services and offers.

SITA's industry reports highlight its decades of expertise; serving as a support tool for strategic and operational decisions. These reports help to strengthen SITA's credibility and positioning with its partners, customers and players across the air transport industry.

For media coverage resulting from this collaboration, visit our news section.

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