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Management Platform for Swiss Federal Authorities

How to support a multi-stakeholder group with an integrated IT solution to ensure pipeline safety?

The project

CORESO has taken over a long-standing project of over ten years started by Dr Florian Chávez Juárez with the Federal Pipeline Inspectorate (FPI). The FPI is the technical supervisory authority for all high-pressure gas- and oil-pipelines in Switzerland. This activity involves a large number of installations of different types and requires good coordination with multiple stakeholders, such as the pipeline operators, various government agencies and third parties. To improve the efficiency of the operations and the communication, the FPI was looking for a highly specialised IT solution.

Our contribution

In close collaboration with the FPI representatives and other stakeholders, CORESO has developed an online platform that combines large databases of all installations with more interactive tools, such as technical controls, issue reporting and authorisation requests by third parties. All relevant information is available to authorised stakeholders in real-time.

The outcome

The development of the platform collaboratively with the FPI and other stakeholders resulted in a highly adapted solution to the needs and preferences of the users. On the one hand, it has become a central source of information on the state and status of installations, controls and authorisations. On the other hand, it serves as a communication and interaction platform for a significant number of processes. For instance, the construction authorisation process for third parties is now fully managed online, which substantially has reduced the time from submission to decision. Technical controls are carried out by the FPI and the operators through this platform; allowing all authorised stakeholders to have real-time information on the control status of any installation.

This is an ongoing collaboration.

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