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Multi-Agent Traffic Model

How to design traffic flows to satisfy the need of different users?

Mobility is a hot policy topic in many countries, particularly in cities, where cars, public transportation, bikes, pedestrian and more must share a limited amount of space. Public discussions about mobility are often very engaged because of its links to more general topics such as the personal freedom of choice, efficient ways of getting around and the quality of life. The mobility system is an inherently complex system where changes in one place can have strong and sometimes unanticipated consequences elsewhere.

CORESO uses a multi-agent model to simulate traffic flows at the individual level. This approach allows us to analyse the consequences of policy measures at the aggregate level (i.e. flows, traffic jams) and the individual level. We combine the use of the model with collective intelligence workshops where policy proposals are collaboratively developed and analysed. The early involvement of stakeholders in the process is likely to increase the acceptance of the selected policy measures.

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