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Quantitative analysis for Equal-Salary certification

How to verify if companies meet equal pay certification criteria?

The project

As part of our commitment to advancing gender equality and intensifying the efforts made by actors involved in promoting equal pay in the workplace, we conduct econometric salary analyses as the first stage of the Equal-Salary certification process.

Our contribution

Our role in the Equal-Salary certification process is to carry out an in-depth econometric analysis using the salary data of companies aiming for certification. Our analysis estimates the gender-related wage difference and only if this data analysis mets the certification criteria established by the Equal-Salary Foundation, the certification process can move on to the next stage. In the second stage of the certification process, independent auditors conduct an on-site review based on our detailed report.

The outcome

The Equal-Salary certification represents a relevant effort to promote equal pay in the workplace by certifying companies of any industry following a thorough assessment of their anonymised workforce related data, their corporate policies and business practices. This certification serves to highlight when corporate changes and corrective measures are needed to close the wage gap, and allows for certified companies to acquire visibility as fair pay employers.

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