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Web platform for Distance Heating Liechtenstein

How a customised IT solution can reduce the administrative burden?

In 2022, the demand for a connection to the distance heating network of Liechtenstein Wärme sharply increased. This demand grew from just a few requests per year to several per week. In order to cope with this unexpected additional workload, those responsible at Liechtenstein Wärme had to find a solution within a short time. They turned to CORESO to design, implement and activate a tailored solution to the needs of Liechenstein Wärme.

Within a few weeks, CORESO was able to develop a web platform in close collaboration with Liechenstein Wärme, through which all requests can now be recorded and processed. This web platform also records all enquiries geographically, which helps further planning for the distance heating network.

The first version of the platform went live about three weeks after the development request. Since then, several improvements have already been introduced to make this web platform even better adapted to the current and evolving needs of the users.

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