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CORESO offers innovative computer-assisted workshops to gather collective intelligence. We use our self-developed tool to stimulate participation and enhance interaction in a group through an easy-to-understand online platform.

Currently, CORESO-Tool (CT) includes the following modules, which facilitators can freely combine to create dynamic, engaging and tailored workshops.

  • Brainstorming: participants enter their ideas and can see the contributions of others in real time.
  • Grouping: facilitators can regroup similar elements in collaboration with participants.
  • Voting and rating: participants can vote and rate the different contributions to quickly identify those most relevant to the entire group.
  • Linking: participants can evaluate the link between different factors and collectively produce knowledge about the intensity and direction of the relationships between factors. This is particularly important to understand complex systems involving many variables and actors.
  • Results: live results provide immediate feedback to participants.

Through feedback obtained directly from participants and external facilitators, the most appreciated features of the tool are listed below.

  1. Anonymous participation: participants contribute anonymously through the platform. Participants know that all contributions come from people in the group, but they do not know from whom exactly. This feature helps level the playing field amongst participants with different degrees of extroversion and it enables more constructive discussions that encourage the exchange of greater intellectual input.

  2. Fast and fair: compared to an open discussion, CT enables participants' contributions to be compiled more quickly and ensures that all members are able to contribute equally.

  3. User friendly: participants connect to the tool via a simple link where the user interface has been designed to avoid any distractions.

  4. Multimodal interaction: Face-to-face, online and hybrid workshops are supported through CT.

  5. Paperless: no more post-its needed. CT collects and stores all contributions in a database and displays the results immediately. Facilitators can download the data for a later in-depth analysis.

  6. Highly customisable: the tool offers a wide range of options and customisable features to design exercises, display outcomes and organise the flow of a workshop according to the needs, size and language of the group together with the task at hand.

  7. Outcome visualisation: facilitators can choose how and when it is best to visualise results during a workshop. This visualisation can be adjusted according to different types of stakeholders and depending on the stage, whether it is voting, rating, linking or wrap-up, and the kind of analysis to be performed.

We continuously improve the tool based on the acquired experience and know-how during workshops. This approach allows us to include the most helpful features while keeping the tool simple, usable and purpose-based.

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