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Agent-Based Modelling (ABM) training course for professionals

Building agent-based models for the analysis of socio-environmental systems

The project

Training course on agent-based modelling (ABM) conducted as part of a larger multi-annual and multidisciplinary research project to the Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste (CIBNOR). The motivation for this training aimed at developing the capacity of CIBNOR’s researchers to model the interactions between environmental, ecological and economic systems together with marine biological processes with an emphasis on environmental sustainability and viability for the community.

Our contribution

Through our applied methods and technical know-how in agent-based modelling, we are able to deliver quality training to experienced researchers and practitioners. Thanks to our teaching and programming expertise of more than 10 years, we structured a learning course adapted to the attendees’ specific needs and research areas. Hence, we were able to transfer knowledge on specialised tools and software oriented to the design and empirical application of these models.

The result

Through this course, participants gained solid knowledge and programming skills for the development of agent-based models. A key component of the course was a presentation of self-developed models, which allowed participants to put into practice the programming notions provided, internalise their learning and determine the application potential of their own models.

This course was conducted online for 11 professionals and has been accredited through LNPP's School of Methods in Mexico.

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