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Quantitative analysis for Equal-Salary certification
How to verify if companies meet equal pay certification criteria?
Collective intelligence workshops to foster better teamwork
How to support teams in reflecting on its strengths and weaknesses and finding appropriate measures?
Gender Equality Simulator (GenEqSIM)
Web platform for Distance Heating Liechtenstein
How a customised IT solution can reduce the administrative burden?
Agent-Based Modelling (ABM) training course for professionals
Building agent-based models for the analysis of socio-environmental systems
E-Government file-sharing platform
How to move from physical to electronic transmission of documents?
Empirical study on equal pay analysis instruments in Switzerland
How does the distribution of outcomes change according to the parameters of the model?
Equal pay compliance between women and men in canton Vaud
Implementation of controls for public contracts and subsidies
Estimating labour demand in the Mexican agricultural sector
How to develop a forward-looking empirical model in a collaborative way?
Levelling the field to close the gap
How to achieve Equal Pay Compliance in Switzerland?
Microsimulation of a welfare law reform
How to estimate the financial implications of a public policy reform in the canton of Geneva?
Geospatial analysis for Swiss authorities
How does data science contribute to risk assessment?
Health Care System
How to design smart policies in a complex health care system?
Empirical studies for strategic reports to the air transport industry
How to identify IT trends in air travel?
Management Platform for Swiss Federal Authorities
How to support a multi-stakeholder group with an integrated IT solution to ensure pipeline safety?
Gender Equality at Work
How to promote genuine equal opportunities for women and men?
Multi-Agent Traffic Model
How to design traffic flows to satisfy the need of different users?

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