Our approach

Stakeholder involvement

A key ingredient of our general approach is the involvement of relevant stakeholders throughout the project. Stakeholders have very valuable knowledge and information that can help projects to succeed.

Stakeholder involvement makes the project development more transparent, improves the outcome and fosters a wider acceptance and adoption.

Systemic approach

In our experience we have witnessed that most processes are connected to others through systems. This is why systems thinking is at our core when approaching a customer’s challenge, allowing us to go beyond the issue at hand and to understand the system in which the issue is embedded.

The systems thinking approach helps us deliver more robust and resilient solutions.

Innovative techniques

Stakeholder involvement and the systemic approach require a variety of techniques grouped into our three service lines:

Quantitative analysis

Collective intelligence

Web tools

Using all these techniques allows us to deliver highly specialised solutions to respond to the needs of our customers keeping the highest scientific standards.

A joint journey

We assist our customers throughout the entire project.

Frame, map and assess what is at stake through tacit knowledge and system thinking


Co-develop the kind of tool that delivers a global view and allows identifying leverage points and bottlenecks


Drive decision-making using an evolving and learning tool born out of the best thinking and potential of stakeholders

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