NewsFinancial assessment of a legal reform by governmental authorities in Geneva

Financial assessment of a legal reform by governmental authorities in Geneva


In collaboration with the University of Geneva and the Institute for Applied Research in Economics and Management (IREG in french), CORESO carried out a prospective financial evaluation of a reform review concerning the social assistance system in Geneva mandated by the Department of Social Cohesion (DCS in french).

The evaluation was carried out through the development of a microsimulation model, an approach particularly suited to understand the consequences of policy changes at the micro (individual) and macro (public finance) level within a complex context such as that of social benefits. We were able to simulate different scenarios of reform legislation and to analyse their financial effects in terms of both costs and total benefits.

The obtained results allowed public authorities to have a comprehensive understanding of reform's financial consequences for both the beneficiaries of social assistance and the cantonal administration, allowing them to engage in a substantial debate within the government and to back up their decisions with empirical evidence. For CORESO and its partners, making a contribution to the application of modelling for public policy purposes is key to ensuring that stakeholders are better equipped for dialogue and can engage in a more transparent and collaborative manner.

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