NewsPromising advances for the analysis of equal pay in Switzerland

Promising advances for the analysis of equal pay in Switzerland


The Swiss Federal Office for Gender Equality (FOGE) introduced a number of adjustments to the pay gap analysis with Logib, effective since January 2024 (official press release). These adjustments stem from a comprehensive consultation process, where CORESO played an important role.

Our contribution included a study entitled Kurzgutachten zur Rolle und Notwendigkeit von zwei Signifikanztests im Rahmen der Lohngleichheitsanalysen mit Logib Modul 1 (only in German), which examines the role of specific statistical tests used in conjunction with a tolerance threshold within Logib, a software tool designed for wage data analysis. Based on our study's recommendation, FOGE has adopted the removal of the second significance test. This simplification makes the results of Logib analysis easier to understand for users, while also raising the bar slightly for achieving a passing score.

CORESO remains committed to supporting FOGE by providing expertise in equal pay analysis, statistics, and econometrics. We also continue to collaborate with other key FOGE partners in delivering Logib webinars.

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