Collective intelligence

CORESO organises computer-assisted workshops and online surveys to gather the collective intelligence of a group. Collective intelligence refers to the sum of information, knowledge and experiences the group members have about a topic or matter.

The computer-assisted workshops we deliver are powered by our self-developed tool. This tool enables participants of in-person or remote workshops to interact through an online tool by making contributions, which can then be grouped, voted, rated and linked by the whole group. The tool captures and consolidates all contributions to provide participants with immediate feedback, out of which participants can spot and display the most relevant items for the entire group in real time. Sharing inputs anonymously with others through this tool levels the playing field for participants and stimulates constructive debate.

CORESO offers a comprehensive service from planning to conducting and summarising workshops. Together with our customers, CORESO defines the type of information to get from a group. CORESO then proposes a workshop structure based on the experience of internal and external facilitators. A well-planned and designed workshop*is much more effective in gathering the relevant information and requires less of the participants' time. Then, CORESO alone or in collaboration with external facilitators conducts the workshops and produces a summary report shortly after the session. Complementary techniques such as focus groups and online surveys can be added if the research question requires it.

Interplay with our other services

Collective intelligence can easily complement and be combined with our other services.

Our self-developed CORESO-tool (CT) is a web tool dedicated to collective intelligence and represents our first in-house R&D initiative. Contrary to other tools for collective intelligence, CT is strongly inspired by quantitative analyses and guided by scientific findings on how to reduce biases in the data gathering process.

The ability of our tool to collect and store tacit knowledge, allows converting this qualitative data into more quantitative outcomes, such as estimates of links and numeric rankings of ideas.

Featured projects

Our Techniques

  • Computer-assisted workshops: face-to-face, remote and hybrid
  • Causal inference diagram
  • Network assessment
  • Delphi
  • Survey development
  • Focus groups


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