Begoña Lopez

Collective intelligence specialist, Switzerland

Areas of expertise

  • Collective intelligence techniques
  • Creative thinking facilitation techniques (Design Thinking)
  • Business designer


  • Master in Innovation, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO), Switzerland
  • Undergraduate degree in Economics, Haute Ecole de Gestion (HEG), Switzerland
Understanding the perspectives and goals of different stakeholders and translating them into collective actions is key for smart innovation. In this regard, CORESO continues to drive collaborative efforts and conclusive insights that rely on applied research to stimulate outside-of-the-box thinking.

Following her tenure in CORESO, Begoña became Client Innovation R&I Project Manager in the luxury industry. During her time at CORESO, she acquired substantial knowledge applying Collective Intelligence techniques oriented to applied research projects. She also expanded her potential as a facilitator by conducting remote workshops, as well as developing internal protocols and useful learning materials in collaboration with CORESO’s management team and partner institutions. Her contribution to the establishment of CORESO's institutional and customer relationship base fostered strategic thinking among the team towards more targeted business and service delivery practices. As a CORESO fellow, Begoña continues supporting punctually our small team in the design and preparation of qualitative tailored interventions.

In the past, Begoña has successfully participated in two award-winning international competitions for innovative ideation for well-being and living conditions improvement. She also has a well-built career starting with a marketing experience at SITA, demonstrated by her involvement in the publication of air transport insight reports, and her facilitation capabilities gained through Witty Innovation Lab interventions. She enjoys being challenged when creating new concepts and is always willing to learn. Her main professional interests are technology, healthcare, well-being, wellness, travel and the sports industry.

Her mission is to be part of a positive change that challenges the status quo and enhances a balanced human-digital relationship in a rapidly changing world. She is always looking for solutions beyond ordinary and new ways of working collaboratively.