20% of ideas are produced by experts or research laboratories and 80% by employees in the field.
Didier Janssoone



Together with your stakeholders and their first-hand experience, we explore the elements of the system associated with the initial problem and identify open issues.


We translate the insights into a co-designed computational model to better understand the system and predict the effects of policies before any decision is made upon.

Decision making

We use the model to jointly find the right policy or combination of policies for you and your stakeholders.

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CORESO is innovative. We are diverse. We foster new ways of collaboration through applied research methods.

We partner with social institutions, the private sector and research professionals to model complex systems. With technology and science at our fingertips, we push the boundaries of knowledge to deliver the best possible outcomes for our customers. Our goal is to provide a clear-cut picture of the problem being faced and strive to deliver results that will make a difference in our customers' decision-making.

We care about people and the environment. That is why we embrace corporate social responsibility.

  • We power our main office and servers with 100% renewable energy.
  • We compensate for CO2 emissions all our professional activities, including office supplies and travel.
  • We encourage our staff to use the bike and public transport.
  • We support and encourage remote working for a balanced lifestyle.

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